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Natacha Geisbusch
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Who am I ...


My name is Natacha Geisbusch.
Born in 1975, of Luxembourgish origins, I have always been on a path towards personal development. Fascinated by Nature's beauty and her healing powers, I am now a specialist in holistic, alternative healthcare.

Thanks to primordial and ancestral knowledge that has existed for millenia, I accompany people in the process of activating their self-healing powers and reconnecting to their Higher Selves.

Relations with the customer shall be individualized, as everybody has differing needs and perceptions. My customers' wellbeing, their feeling safe and in confidence, is essential for me.

Love, kindness, respect and empathy are the pillars upon which rests my gratitude for being able to labour in the service of humanity.

In the shape of energy massages and deep relaxation I work on three levels: body, mind and soul.

I offer myself as a conduit between the Divine Heavens and Mother Earth. It is via that conduit and the connection to the soul that a healing processes may flow into the body. That way, celestial messages addressed to the customer can be delivered.

Additionally, I employ state-of-the-art tools from alternate therapies, e.g. the orgone emitter (bio energy) based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich ("Wer heilt hat recht" - whoever heals cannot be wrong). This treatment works on all the levels of the human body: psychically, physically, mentally, emotionally and organically.

Another treatment I am offering is Singing Bowl Therapy. Tibetan singing bowls and their sacred sounds and vibrations enable a journey out of this world.


From children to third-age people - my services are meant for each and every human being.

In case of :
  • physical or psychological pain
  • burn-out
  • depression
  • an energy centre imbalance
  • loss of connection with the Higher Self
  • deactivation of self-healing
  • poisoning of body, mind and soul
I offer you :
  • wellbeing
  • an alternate method of healing
  • an individualized and personalized accompaniment
  • human appreciation
  • awakening of consciousness
  • strengthening of self-confidence
  • a talk about the experiences made during the treatment and a personalized follow-up
  • liberation and transformation of limiting beliefs
  • circulation of Qi
  • harmonization of the chakras
  • activation of your self-healing powers
via the use of various methods :
  • energetic care
  • deep relaxation massages
  • classical massages
  • lymphatic drainage
  • aromatherapy
  • meditation
  • trance healing and colour healing according to Birgit Fischer
  • singing bowl therapy (Vapa Kaìa) according to the "Académie Sonore" (François Schneeberger)
  • orgone therapy (Medea 7) according to Wilhelm Reich (in case of allergies or food intolerances, for detox and the strengthening of the immune system, etc.)
  • Acoustic journeys for adults and children (e.g. in schools)
  • Breathwork
  • "The five wounds of the soul" according to Lise Bourbeau
Note: With all these alternative applications, which can only work as far as man and soul are ready for them, I distance myself from any healing promises.



To schedule an appointment you may contact me
  • via telephone:
    +352 691 21 31 91

  • via email:

Consultations take place in Tuntange. You'll be communicated the exact address when you schedule an appointment.

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